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Meaghan (High School Runner/ Figure Skater)

"I never actually got the chance to thank you. I'd been running for 3 years before and had quite a few coaches but I've never had one who's believed in me so much like you did. I think when you see something in someone, you won't let them waste it. You actually made me run and get better. You were always pushing us but you made it fun. You made us want to run and that's a hard thing to do... I've realized recently that it's all about the ride; it's about the effort, not the outcome. It's been really cool and I'm glad you could be a part of it."




Mrs. P (Mom)

"A couple of times I have looked back at your speech from the spring sports award because you spoke so nicely about what my son Gene brings to the team and the course. You validated the pressure that comes from being the number 1 person to beat.  Thank you for that."

Tracy L. (Mom)

"Bruno pushed our daughter in the kindest, most supportive way possible. Bruno's enthusiastic belief in Alex's abilities was a huge motivator for her, and was contagious!  By the end of each Cross Country season, Alex had grown in her abilities and in her self-confidence."

Alex G. (Dad)

"Coach Bruno is a very effective teacher, coach and motivator. He has helped my two sons, ages 11 and 15, with cross-country, track and also general fitness and awareness of their bodies and athletic potential. They started each sports season ready and with confidence.  If you are wondering, yes, he is worth it. "

Mr. Fox (Dad)

"I appreciate all you did for convinced him that he was good at running and cross country and now he sees the results of the hard work. He trains like an animal. Cross country and track have helped his confidence and made his transition to high school and in life very easy."

Matt B. (Former Runner/ Student Alumn)

Coach Volpacchio encouraged me and taught me never to give up... even when I truly believed it was hopeless and consequently had a less-than-pleasant attitude. When I was about to quit, Coach Volpacchio took me aside and told me that through perseverance and dedication I could be as fast as I wanted to be and the only thing standing in my way was me. He told me not to work through the pain but work with the pain and that working smarter was always better than working harder."

Roberto (Marathoner)

I discovered running later in life as my schedule would not let me commit to team sports anymore but I found it difficult to keep up and never exceeded the level of casual running on weekends. I met Bruno through common friends and things really changed. He's passionate about running and embodies one of those great Italian warm personalities that connects with you on a very personal level. But more importantly, he's passionate to help you find your new limits, to help you find that inner voice that convinces you that you can run that extra mile. Since I met him, running has become my habit, I have learnt how to enjoy running and set up new challenges, from 5k to 10k to half-marathons. 
He's my friend, my trusted advisor and a source of wisdom and courage to keep on challenging myself.

Suki (Marathoner)

I’m not a natural born runner, but decided I want to run a marathon. After years of running 5k and 10k races I announced my entry into the NYC 2012 marathon to the world... so there was no going back.  As my coach Bruno put together the perfect training plan for a first time marathoner. Bruno not only worked with me on my running technique to help me build up my pace and endurance for long distance running, but he also provided great nutritional advice, and mental coaching especially on days during my training when I wanted to give up! I completed the 26.2 miles thanks to Bruno and I couldn’t have been more pleased to see him at the finish line. Thank you coach!

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